~My Thoughts~

It has been eight years since we opened our salon, with the desire to change ourselves beautifully through the beauty salon and to have people fall in love with us.

As I spent irreplaceable time with the people I met, my desire to support the health of customers not only from the outside but also from the inside grew stronger, leading to the sale of honey and tea in-house. I was.

Mi piace in Italian

It means "I like 〇〇."

I hope that all the people who have a relationship will love "I (myself)" even a little.

Mi piace.
Representative Yoshi Imade

Commitment to Products

Mi piace. Honey

What is Sidr Honey? Sidr HoneyMore

Sidr honey, which is called the phantom honey used by Arab royalty, is harvested from Sidr (jujube tree), which is treasured as a "sacred tree". As an antibacterial honey, it is attracting attention as a natural material along with manuka honey, and it is a honey manufactured without heating while retaining the original nutrition of the sidor (jujube tree).

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Features of Sidr Honey Feature

Sidr (jujube tree) leaves are used as a shampoo, resin oil as a deodorant, tree as an antidote, fruit as a highly nutritious food, and roots and bark as a nourishing tonic. It is also effective in improving asthma, allergies, anemia, and irregular menstruation.

Superb taste

Because it has a rich and soft taste and does not have the peculiarities of manuka honey, it is considered "the most delicious honey in the world" in the Arab world. It tastes just like black honey and is rich in minerals. Of course it's delicious to eat as it is, but it doesn't get in the way when mixed with food or drinks. It is said that even those who don't like sweets become fans because it is so delicious.

Mi piace. Tea

This tea is only available in Hunza, Pakistan, where Ghibli's "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" is set. Hunza is a place with very clean air and is said to be a healthy longevity village with zero cancer patients. Hunza water is called miracle water because it contains a large amount of silica minerals. This tea is rich in minerals. One of the features of this tea is that you can eat the tea leaves as well.

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